Monday, 7 March 2016

My Year of Yes!!

Hi Folks!

How are you all? Good I hope.

Well, I've come to the conclusion that I tend not to see most plans through. When it comes down to it, I back out, or something happens that causes me not to go through with said plan. SO! I've decided to do something about it. Say yes more and do it anyway. 

I've always applied the scripture Psalm 15:4 to other people. It reads:
In whose eyes a vile person is despised, But he honors those who fear the Lord; He who swears to his own hurt and does not change.
How I interpret the highlighted part of this scripture is that, if I tell someone I'm going to do something, no matter what it costs me, I must fulfil that promise.
Problem is, when it comes to keeping my word to myself, I have no problem not fulfilling it. It's only me right? Wrong! We tend to see ourselves and our promises to ourselves as less important than others, and that's very wrong of us. One of the things I'm learning as I get older is that my obligations to myself come first. If I don't love myself first, I won't know how to love others. After all, the famous scripture says: You shall love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew 22:39). Meaning you have to love yourself first to know what love looks like right? Right.

So this year I've decided to say yes to myself more often. To love on myself more regularly. So far, so loving it!

One of the "yes" things I've been doing is forcing myself to socialise more, putting myself out there. To my friend's surprise, I've become a rather outgoing person. Hoorah! And I'm enjoying it.

Another "yes" thing thus far this year is I recently went on a spa weekend break with my friends. It was amazing! I felt like "what have I been doing all this while??" I haven't been living! So much so that I am budgeting some sort of spa break on a quarterly basis. It's now a must!

The spa hotel we went to was very accommodating. The staff were incredibly polite and helpful. Although it was busy, we were made to feel as though we were their only guests. Seriously, their customer service was just amazing! For me, customer service is 75% of the whole deal. I can't stand bad customer service. So I was very impressed. Their facilities were also pretty amazing. The rooms were luxurious. Their spa facilities were on point. Everything on "fleek". Lol. The only thing that let them down was their menu. There wasn't much variety, but it was ok. The menu wouldn't stop me from going back there because everything else was really, really good. 

The package we chose included one spa treatment. I chose the Swedish Full Body Massage. It. Was. A-mazing!

Here are some pictures of my weekend. 

The content of the Swedish Full Body Massage. Left me feeling like I was floating on air.

Entrance of the Spa Hotel.

My room for the weekend. I shared with one of my friends and we had an adjoining room. A very good idea.

Some of the products left out for us.

Enjoying good lighting in the bathroom.

Our bathroom. Nice and spacious.

Me by the pool, just before my spa treatment.

Me, just after my spa treatment. One hour went by too quickly!!

Poolside view.

Dinner in the evening.

Spa hotel details: Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa, booked via:

So I said all of that to say, love on yourself! Say yes to yourself (stop the deprivation!!) And enjoy your life!!

Until next time peeps!


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Where my single people at?! Well, Happy singles Awareness Day! (And while I'm at it, Happy New Years everyone **covers face**).

How has your year started out? Mine has started alright actually. Took some time out to gather my thoughts. I'm back again. Hehe.

So another Valentine's Day is upon us. What does it signify to you? A single friend at church quickly shut another friend down when she wished her "Happy Valentine's Day", protesting that it's a Pagan holiday! Lol! Another jumped in saying, well everything we celebrate is Pagan. Even our so called wedding ceremonies, and the exchanging of rings etc. Has Pagan written all over it. I chirped in, well then, God forgive me, but I am wearing my white wedding dress and will be rocking my ring when the time comes! That is all! Hahahaha!

At work a few of my married colleagues stated they don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I asked why, they replied, men only put in all that work at the beginning. Boring!

Well, for the single person, Valentine's Day serves as one thing and one thing only - to remind us single people that we are in fact single. So I've renamed it Singles Awareness Day. Lol.

Being single isn't a bad thing though. I get my whole bed to myself. I even sleep diagonally. I don't have to discuss my every move or ask for permission to change my gas and electricity supplier. Hehehe. Currently loving it!

By the by, the guy that went ghost made contact after 3 months. He actually started the conversation as if we just spoke yesterday. I had to shut him down. He gave some flimsy excuses. I politely told him to lose my number. What a joker! Lol.

Anyway, 2016 is proving to be so far so good. I'm trying to say yes as much as possible. You know, give new things a try,  being spontaneous. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Do enjoy your Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day. Whichever. If you're single, do something nice for yourself! You're so worth it!

Until next time! Enjoy!


Sunday, 20 December 2015

It's Christmas!

Hi Peeps!

Hope you're doing great and looking forward to Christmas!

This year I did appalling. We've only just put up our tree. Six days before Christmas?! Unacceptable I know. Lol. Before my big man became a teen, he used to bug me every day from the beginning of November to put up the tree. I would endure his bugging until the beginning of December, when I just couldn't take it anymore (and just before I started to feel like a Barhumbug).

This year he was slightly unbothered, so I took my time. Then I realised "OMG! Christmas is next week!!" Then up the tree went! Quickly! Lol.

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly jump on here and wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Enjoy the season, the time with your loved ones (and/or colleagues for those that have to work - you are appreciated!). For us it's about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, so we don't get carried away with consumerism. All about sharing the love of God with each other.

If I don't blog again before the New Year, enjoy and be safe. Have a nice one!

Lot's of love,

Buki. x

This tree is about the same age as big man. When I reminded him, he said "Mum, almost everything in this house is about the same age as me. Even the frying pan.". Hahahahaha!

Monday, 16 November 2015

How Do You See Yourself?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Do you take yourself seriously?
(Ahhh, that rhymes!)

But seriously? Do you?

At the tender age of 30 (ahem), sometimes I still feel like a teenage girl. Like I've not really grown up. Not that I've not grown up, but that I don't see a grown woman looking back at me. I see this young girl still trying to grow into her own skin. When do you actually start to feel grown up?

And the worst thing is seeing all these young girls in their mid-twenties that really seem to have it all figured out. What is wrong with me? Lol.

I know and appreciate the expression "you're only as old as you feel", but I want to feel my age. I want to feel grown. When does that feeling kick in?

Is it tied into accomplishments? Academic accolades? Acquisition of big priced products (like owning your own home or buying your dream car)? Or achieving major career goals? If that's the case I should feel halfway there right? Having a couple of those things under my belt. But I just don't feel like I'm there.

And then there's the issue of taking myself seriously. Like really believing in myself, even if no one else does. Please tell I'm not the only one who feels like this, at least some of the time. Is this linked to low self-esteem? Hmmmm.

Ok, if that's the case, I need ideas in bringing my self-esteem up. Where do I start? I want to feel strong from the inside out. It's all well and good looking well put together on the outside, but it's what's on the inside that counts me thinks.

I think it's time to read a few self-help books. Any recommendations? Your help is very much appreciated.

Do have an awesome week!

Buki x

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hello November

Well hello to one of my favourite months of the year, simply because it's my birth month!

I pray November is good to us all. I have to say October was a really tough month for me. I struggled and struggled through. So much so that on the 29th of October I kept saying to myself "we made it!". Seriously, several times through the day I caught myself saying that.

With the kids return to school in September and all the expenses that come with that, not to mention due payments for major school trips in both September and October, I had to forgo a lot of luxuries. By the time mid October hit, I knew it was going to be one of those months where there's more month left at the end of the money.

Finances aside, I had to search my soul about a few other things too. I think October brought me up a bit. I learned a few lessons in self-acceptance and self-respect. One such lesson is to let God find me my mate. I'm tired of the so-called "search". And if I don't get "presented" to the one, will it be so bad? I mean, there's a lot I can do and enjoy on my own jare.

Being a single mum has got to be one of the hardest things in the world. You have no one to turn to. Even if you have a great support system, how many times can I cry to them that this thing is hard. I am someone that finds it extremely hard to ask for help (I am working on it o), so for me to turn around and ask for help, I don't take "no" very lightly. Simply because it took a lot to ask in the first place. Well, in August I found myself turning for help from someone who should have been ready at a moment's notice. I won't embarrass them by saying exactly who it was, but he didn't even afford me the pleasure of a response. I didn't want to go crying to my daddy so I cried to my Daddy (God) about it.

Things got harder and harder. Money needed left right and centre for one course or the other. It was getting too much sef. I found myself asking God if He even heard me?? Like, what the heck is all this??

Well, the last week in October, just before I truly snapped, He sent help In the form of good friends that just wanted to bless me. Two of my good friends decided to do a big shop for me. Come and see 4 litre bottle of oil, bags of rice galore, pasta repete, boxed juices, snacks, tinned tomatoes, frozen foods, chicken, beef mince. You name it, I think they bought it. (God bless you girls! xoxox).

I then called the Child Support Agency with a few questions, not expecting much more than simple answers. They said I am due arrears, some I'm already aware of, but there's even more than that on top. God is not asleep!

Then today at church, the Pastor slipped me an envelope. He said "this was waiting for you in the office this week". I said thank you sir, took it and ran off to join the choir. I decided I would open it when I got home. When I opened it guess what was in it? Yep, you guessed it. Money! God is not asleep! He will send help!

So, now November is upon us and I am expectant. I'm expecting good things. And I want to be a blessing too. Not every time receiver of blessing. Abi?

May God grant us all a fruitful November!

Have a blessed week (and month!) ahead peeps.

Buki. xox

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Dreaming of Travelling

Hello guys! How are you? Great I hope!

I'm at work today (it's Saturday!). I'm here at work and all I can think about is going to Paris. I would seriously like to travel more. Much, much more than I do. I actually thoroughly enjoy all the "stress" that comes with it. The packing. The not sleeping the night before because "I'll catch up on my sleep on the plane." The arrival at the airport. The checking in. The boarding the plane - where I always place my hand on the door frame and say a quick "blood of Jesus on this plane", before I step inside. Lol! The finding my seat (hopefully window seat - it's the best!). Sitting down and looking at the airport one last time before they make you pull the shades down. Why do they do that? Then the take off! Ahhhhh. Looking through the window and seeing London (or wherever I'm travelling from) get smaller and smaller. Then another quick prayer. Then I relax and enjoy the flight. Bliss.

I know it's a bit weird. Lol. I don't actually know anyone (apart from my son) that enjoys the whole airport/plane/airport experience like I do. Anyone out there? Holla! Lol. Honestly, I used to be terrified of flying. Hmmmm, maybe not terrified (that's a bit of an exaggeration), but I used to be scared. Then one day I had to travel alone with my son. And I refuse to pass on fears on to him (including fear of creepy crawlies - having a child cured this fears quick!). The first time we travelled alone together he was 7. I was terrified that time, but I had to calm my nerves. I didn't want him to "catch the fear". He enjoyed his flight. He enjoyed looking out of the window and he was amazed by the diminishing earth. Then I thought "hmmm, I'm going to try and enjoy this too". And that was that. Two lovers of flying were born that day. As long as we are covered by the blood of Jesus, we can fly in peace.

So here I am at work on a Saturday and I'm planning a solo trip to Paris. Think I want to go for a week. I also need to learn French on a very serious note. Been meaning to for years. Since secondary school in fact. And I will! I must and I will one day!
Enjoy your weekend!

Blog you again soon.

Buki. xox