Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sweet Potato and Minced Turkey

Well hello there!
I'm back again so soon. This is becoming a good habit ;)
Hope you're all good.
I want to thank you all for sticking with me through thick and thin (post and no post)! You are awesome!!!
Well, one of my roles as mum includes chef. Cooking is something I find quite therapeutic. Here is a recipe a colleague share with me. Well, my own version of it. You see, I don't tend to stick strictly to recipes. I tend to use whatever I already have in my fridge and cupboards. Things usually turn out fine. And if not, then next time I try and stick closer to the recipe. :D
So here's the recipe.
You will need:
Minced Turkey (or beef, or lamb, whatever you prefer) - 500g
Medium sized onion - 1
Medium to large sweet potatoes - 4
Vegetable oil - 1 table spoon
Butter - 62g (or a quarter of a 250g block)
Mature cheddar cheese (or any cheese of your choosing) - 75g
Seasoning (of your own choosing, but I used salt, garlic pepper, dried parsley, curry powder, chicken stock)
Put the oil in the pan (or pot). Chop the onion and add to oil. Wash and add minced turkey to pot. Season as required, stir everything together and leave to cook. Stir periodically. Should cook in 20 minutes. About 5 minutes before turning the stove off, add the broccoli and mix it altogether.
Skin, chop and wash the sweet potatoes. Place in a pot, add water a little salt and a teaspoon of butter. Leave to boil and well soften (but not too soft). Should cook in about 20 minutes. Once boiled, add the butter (chop the butte into cubes and spread around the post. Mash the potatoes with a potato masher.
Pre-heat the oven at 220degrees. Place the mince in a baking dish. Place the mashed sweet potato on top of the mince. Sprinkle the cheese on top of the mashed potato. Place the dish in the oven and let it cook for a further 20 minutes, or until the top turns golden crispy.

Once cooked, let the dish sit for a few minutes. Then serve. A simple meal that takes about 50 minutes (including preparation time).
**One amendment I would make is to let the mince dry out as much as possible so there's no water when I dish it out!
My son enjoyed this dish very much. Hope you do too.
Blog you again soon!
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Thursday, 24 September 2015

The One That Went Ghost

Woah! I'm back so soon! Whoop!
How's it going with you all? Great I hope.
One of my dating stories right here! Lol.
So, I'd been seeing this guy for the past five months. We seemed to be getting on great. We met online (OkCupid). Our conversations in the beginning were amazing. He came across as the most amazing person. He seemed so into me. In the beginning he would message me on WhatsApp every morning and would call me a couple times during the day. It was so much so that I had to ask, "how comes you call so often?". He replied, "because I don't want to give anyone else a chance to get in there.". Which naturally left me grinning from ear to ear (sucker! Lol).
Our first date was in a quaint little coffee shop. We met up at a nearby station. We'd been talking throughout the day, anxiously anticipating meeting each other. For this date, I didn't wear my standard first date uniform because I already knew I really liked this one. Whatever happened on the first date, he had shown enough promise to deserve a little effort. As we were meeting after work I didn't dress up too much so as to not attract too much attention from my colleagues. Lol. I wore a navy blue fitted, knee-length dress with a pair of black Zara heels and my navy blue waterfall coat (both heels and coat as pictured in my previous post).
I got to our meeting point first and called to check his ETA. Thankfully, he was just around the corner. I looked around frantically to see if I could spot him before he spotted me. He came up from behind me, but just before he reached me I turned around and we stood staring at each other. He was smiling. And he was very well dressed. A navy blue light bomber jacket (talk about matching!), a black and white stripy top, jeans and navy blue brogues. Good dress sense, check! We said an awkward hello and he awkwardly hugged me. It was raining and he hadn't made any real plans (first red flag, but I missed that). We walked huddled under my umbrella to the first open coffee shop we could find. It was a really sweet little one on a corner.
We chatted for a good hour and a half whilst sipping hot chocolate (for me) and tea (for him). At this point, the date was just like any other ok date. Nothing spectacular. But there was something there. After the date as we walked back to our meeting point he'd become extremely comfortable around me. He draped his long arm around my shoulder. I kind of didn't know what to make of his move. Lol. Anyway, the date ended well. he asked when could he see me again, and I said we'll talk I guess. And that was that.
After our first date, he said and did all the right things. Continued to message and call regularly. Even took me out to lunch if I was too busy to see him at any other time during the week.
Now, we had some issues, and a major one for me was that he wasn't a Christian. Once I found that out, I told him I had to stop seeing him. He pleaded (yes, pleaded) with me not to be an "enemy of progress". That I should give him a chance to consider his faith. I don't know why I let him convince me, but I listened and continued to see him. I kept inviting him to church. Each time he would accept my invitation, then the day before, give an excuse. I recorded that in my mind that he just wasn't interested, so tried not to get too attached to him. I did however, continue to see him.
He met my son ( I introduced him as a friend, but my son, being the smarty pants he is, asked if we were dating) and some of my family and friends. He has two kids, I didn't get to meet them because of some drama with his ex (so he told me). But I did meet quite a few of his siblings and some of his friends. This is the furthest I've ever gotten since I started dating. Lol.
Anyways, he's currently studying for a second degree, so at times he had his head down writing papers and studying for exams. Progressive man, check!
Now an issue (other than the faith thing) had sprung quite early on, but I overlooked it initially. But this issue arose  again a few weeks ago. I was eagerly awaiting his exams to be over so that I could bring this, and some other issues up for discussion. Here I was, waiting, waiting, patiently waiting. Then I realised the messages had dwindled over the past few weeks. I put it down to exams. Then the calls started to die out too.  It concerned me a bit, but again I put it down to exams.
The last time I spoke to him was a couple of Saturdays ago. He called me in the morning, but I was busy so I couldn't speak for long. I told him as much and said I would call him back later. I wasn't able to call him back until late in the evening. I called and called. No answer. I sent messages telling him I'm trying to reach him. No reply. The following day, after church I called again. No answer. Then I thought, hold on, he didn't even call me back from the missed calls from last night. Hmmm.
Sunday evening, I called again. No answer. Monday, still no call back and no response to my messages. Hmmm.
I called one more time, then I left him a sharp message and decided to leave it at that.
Tuesday. Nothing. Hmmm.
My friend at work was very concerned because she'd become accustomed to my phone constantly going off. And it had been silent for a couple of days, which had now become unusual for me. She asked what's up and I told her. She said something might have happened to him. Perhaps I should pay him a visit. So she got me worried. But in my heart I knew the dude had gone ghost.
Wednesday I called him repeatedly. No response. I checked his whatsapp to see when he was last online (for the thousandth time), he hadn't been online since Saturday evening. By now his exams had been over a week ago. My friend suggested I reach out to his sister on Facebook, just to be certain he was ok before I moved on. I entertained her and sent a message to his sister to ask if he was ok, that I couldn't reach  him, and I'd become worried.
Thursday evening, he sent me a voicemail. I studied his voice. He sounded fine, but like he was trying to sound unwell. Lol. He didn't really say anything except "we'll talk.". Then he sent me a whatsapp message saying he can't really talk right now, we'll talk when he's strong enough. Hmmm ok. I asked what happened to him. No response. He then sent me a text message and I quote "You don't have to be aggressive... I know you care, but you don't have a clue what am going tru ok.". Aggressive?! Because I called and messaged you asking if you're ok? Ok o.
That was my cue to stop all communication. I didn't respond to his text. And many days went by before he reached out to me again. When he called I just couldn't bring myself to answer his call. Besides, I was busy cooking dinner. Lol.
 I'm pretty sure the only reason he sent me a voicemail and those messages was because his sister had a word with him. Dude was locking me off, just like that. No argument, no conversation, nothing. Just like that. Ahhh well.
You win some, you lose some. On to the next.
Blog you again soon! (If I keep this up, I might regain my credibility as a blogger. Hehehe)

Thursday, 27 August 2015


What can I say? I've been an awful blogger for the longest time...

How is everybody??

So much has been going on. I've missed so much in Blogsville it's ridiculous. I'm sorry for being just as a bad reader as I've been a blogger.

Well, as I've been away for so long (so much for fourteen posts this year. LOL! Smh.), I thought it'd be a good thing to start with a juicy post.

Online Dating...

I have been online dating on and off now for over two years. The first place I graced was E-Harmony. It was awful and very off putting. You take forever to complete your profile because they want your whole life history, then they send you matches. And then you and your matches just stare at each other. Not a single fella messaged me. Smh. So I gave it a couple months then deactivated my account.

Then I moved on to Plenty of Fish. Where I made some new friends (dates that didn't work out, but a couple of dudes were actually really cool, so we stayed friends). But Plenty of Fish provided the most entertaining dates. I will endeavour to make an anecdotal post on some of my dating stories and favourite quotes (already laughing out loud at you reading and laughing out loud. Lol!). 

As I got no real love from Plenty of Fish, I moved on to Christian Connections. Probably the worst of the lot. One thing I will say about Plenty of Fish is, maaan! your confidence level goes through the roof! Come and see messages, galore (hehehe). Well, Christian Connections brought you crashing back to earth. Trust me! "Godly" men that wanted nothing less than Jesus in a skirt. The men on there will make you re-evaluate your faith and your status in life. Chai!! I don't recommend at all! Loool!

I had lots of breaks from the whole scene, but always went back. Then I discovered Tinder! Oh my goodness. If Christian Connections brought you crashing back to earth, Tinder raised your hopes a bit, then tossed you against the wall!! I really liked the concept though, because only if you mutually liked someone could you communicate with them. And me being a lady, would wait for the guy to send the first message. Well, waiting on there was like watching paint dry. And there was that one time that I decided to take the bull by the horns and send the first message. Guess what happened? The guy blocked me (***bows head and covers face in shame***). So I decided, NEVER AGAIN!! 

So I continued to just "face me, I face you" on Tinder for a while. Then I heard about Christian Mingle. I thought I'd give it a go. Well, it was marginally better than Christian Connections. But only marginally. The guys on there wanted nothing but perfection in a woman, both inside and out. And (not trying to be rude), but I doubted they were able to offer all they wanted themselves. Mstchew.

Then a friend told me to try OkCupid. Although it's not ideal, because anyone, anywhere in the world can message you, I have to say it's probably the best site I've been on. I've been on a few dates from OkCupid with "normal", "regular" guys. And even those that didn't progress to the first date stage, still provided great conversation.

One thing I have learned from online dating though, is that there are a lot of lonely men (can't speak for women) out there. Men who have no real interest in meeting face to face, but just want someone to talk to. After a while, I had to set a limit - if the guy didn't ask for my number within a week, and take the conversation offline, then , I had to cut ties. 

I feel as if I've been on fifty first dates! Seriously. Lol. I have to say though, it has been fun. I've learned a lot about myself. But what started off with me always trying to put my best foot forward, ended with me toning things down a lot and listening twice as much as I spoke (valuable lessons!). I even have a standard first date uniform. This was necessary because I got fed up of taking so long to decide what I was going to wear, only to walk in on my date and realise within fifteen minutes (or less) that "this" was going no where.

My Standard First Date Uniform

But if you or someone you know wants to give online dating a go, any one of these site is a good place to start (except E-Harmony! That entry exam is no joke! LOL!). So please don't be too discouraged. I've heard of people really finding love online. A consultant I went to see about an ongoing health issue even told me she met her husband on-line. So I guess it's possible. But I'm getting to the point of permanently shelfing it. Everything isn't for everyone. However, there's that little voice in my head that keeps saying "try again", that makes me want to try just "one more time". Lol.

Watch this space people. Watch this place.

Blog you again (soon, I hope)!


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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hello 2015

Well hello there.

And a Happy New Year One and All!

I hope the start of 2015 has been a positive re-start and reboot for you! May this year be good to you.

I have been writing my list of goals and one of them (as it was last year) is to blog more. I know what you're thinking, and I don't blame you. Lol. But although I didn't blog as much as I intended to last year, I still did better than the previous year. Lol. Slow progress is better than no progress right? Right.

Well, here is a video/slideshow of what some of 2014 looked like for me.

2014 was an interesting year. I think what I gained the most was knowing myself better than before. Becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. Believing in myself that little bit more. Forgiving myself more for my shortcomings. And beginning to take myself more seriously. the latter is the thing I struggle with the most. So to get to a place where I am taking me seriously is a big deal. So I'd say 2014 was progressive for me.
Looking forward to what 2015 has in store. I pray it'll be good to me. And I pray it'll be good to you too.
Thank you so much for your continued support guys. I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for baring with me. Thank you for your patience. I hope to blog more and keep your interest more in 2015. In 2013 I posted just three posts, in 2014 I posted seven posts, I'm aiming for at least fourteen posts in 2015. I can do this!!
Well, that's it for this post. Until next time.
Stay optimistic about the future. I am.
Buki xox

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Do You Remember Your First Love???

Hello Folks,

How have you all been? Good I trust.

I've had a very busy summer, and I've not had much time for blogging. Trying to get back into it I went through my numerous post drafts tonight. I came across the post below, which for some reason I never published. I wrote it at a stubborn time in my life. Please note this post was written about eighteen to twenty-four months ago. I want to reassure you that I am firmly back on the market and very much optimistic about meeting someone new. But I've got to tell you, this post made me laugh. Especially the stories of my early loves. Lol! I've chosen not to edit a single word in it (including the title and the shout outs), so you get to read it exactly as you would have had I posted it at the time. 

I hope you enjoy this flashback!

"Hello People!!!

I feel like I've been away forever!!! Lol. But you've always been close to my thoughts. Promise.

How goes it? I trust you're all well. Shout out to Unveilinggold, Toinlicious and mstizzle! xxx

And a huge thank you to everyone that passes by this blog. Thanks for reading, visiting, following or just passing by. Much love to you!

So, on to this blog post. This post is soooo random. Please excuse the randomness. Just needed to put my thoughts down. 

So it's been over a year now since I got married (the divorce is eminent but still pending). Remember I said there would be the palava with his and my parents for us to perhaps hash things out? Well that never happened. In fact I've not heard from anyone in his family for a long time. The guy is such a liar, I wouldn't be surprised if he's told all sorts of lies about me to anyone who would listen. I remember I had to tell him to stop talking bad about his ex-wife to people when we first met, so I really wouldn't be surprised.

I feel somewhat disillusioned. Life is not what I thought it would be. My thirties are not (not so far anyways) as fun and exciting as I had at one point anticipated. I feel so let down by myself. I was speaking to some friends this evening and one of them told me they feel like they're always fighting with me to get me to come out. So it seems I've become some sort of recluse. As a general rule, I tend to only go out to celebrate the birthdays of my nearest and dearest and that is it. Hmmmph! When did this happen???

I remember when all I wanted to do was go out (I'm talking just a year ago). Now unless it's essential (i.e. someone will be offended at my not attending) I just don't go and I'm ok with that.

I've been asked, don't you want to meet someone new? Ummmm, NO! I'm ok. I've been let down enough by men. I wanna ride solo for now. Then I've got the friends who are seriously worried about me. A time when it seems so crucial for a woman to be on the market I've chosen to sit on the shelf and be content with it. What to do, what to do? My mother is sad and frustrated with me. But this is where I am for now.

In the mean while, I'm happy just hearing other people's dating stories, and I find myself getting excited for them. Someone I know is engaging in a brand new relationship. Oh remember when everything was brand new? The butterflies, the smile when your phone bleeps cos you know it's a text from him. Oh the days.

So I started to think about the very first time I had that feeling. His name was Yomi, I was 11/12 and he was 13/14. He was the tallest and most handsome boy in the church. Back then we had no phones except the house phone and I wouldn't dare give my house number to a boy. unless I was ready to be annihilated by my parents. Hahaha! We only saw each other on Sundays. So that was when I got my butterflies. On the way to church my stomach would be in knots. Every road bump the car went over made me feel sick to the stomach. When I'd see him the butterflies would go crazy. And when he noticed me and smiled at me I felt dizzy with excitement. Mehn! What ever happened to love's young dream??? When and how did it die?? (that's a rhetorical question - I know when and how.Lol).

Then there was Tevin Campbell. Hahaha! I remember the year I got a walkman for my birthday. I think it was my twelfth birthday. I saved my pocket money to buy a tape. Went to the record shop and had a listen to a few tracks on Tevin's album and decided that was it! I bought it and immediately started fantasising of the day he and I would meet. The day we would pass each other in the street and he would be struck by my beauty and fall madly in love with me (I was already madly in love with him). Then he'd sweep me off my feet and we'd get married and live happily ever after. By the way all this happened while I was still twelve! LOL! Oh blessed youth, where did you go???

Who else was there? Oh yeah, I remember all the could have beens that I now wonder whatever happened to them. There was this sweet guy I met while I was working in retail. Unfortunately I was in a relationship so couldn't return his interest. He was such a gentleman. His name was Aqua. He was Ghanaian. He used to walk me to the bus stop after our late shift and wait with me for my bus, then cross over to get his own bus in the opposite direction. Oh Mehn!!!

There's been a few good ones. But I gave my time and my best (at that time) to the bad ones. I didn't realise How sweet Aqua was until much, much, much later. So it's that same old saying "we only seem to like the bad boys". Lol. I didn't realise how much Yomi really liked me until much, much later too. I broke things off with Yomi because I felt we were getting too serious. We'd started to hold hands when we were out of our parents' sights. The thought of my parents catching us terrified me more than the excitement I felt when he smiled at me. I wrote him a letter and sent my brother to give it to him. I watched him from afar as he took the letter. He had a huge smile on his face (I guess he thought it was a love letter) then the smile dropped and he looked up at me an ripped up the letter. tears were rolling down my face when I heard my mum's voice break into the atmosphere with *"Bukola!!! Kilode t' on sukun???" (*Bukola, why are you crying?) I jumped! Hahahaha! I said "Oh mummy, I have a headache." She took me to the front of the church for prayer! Hahahahahahahaha!

Right now I'm seriously crushing on Idris Elba! He's the only guy I see! Lolol. My sister is concerned because I think she thinks it's unhealthy for a woman of my age. I should be putting myself out there so the correct one can at least see me. Well, I'm not ready. Abeg just leave me with my fantasies for now jare."

Hope you found it as amusing as I did tonight. Lol!

Until next time!



Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tuna and Avocado

Good afternoon folks!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
For those who asked, I managed to find out the name of the nail varnish in my previous post. It's call Eternal Optimist by Essie. ;)
I made an accidental discovery and thought I would share it. What had happened was...
Usually on Saturday's when my son is at home, I make a full English breakfast. He really looks forward to it. Bless. Last Saturday however, I just didn't fancy cooking anything. Plus we both had places to get to. So I whipped out leftover tuna mix from the fridge. Added avocado and toast to the mix and, hey presto! Breakfast was served.
Lami enjoyed the cold tuna in his toasted sandwich, whilst I had mine on top of my toast.
1 Onion
Mushrooms (optional)
1/2 a bell pepper (I used the orange one, but you can also use the red or yellow one)
Tuna (2 tins)
Tomato and Basil sauce
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
Season with salt, garlic pepper, 1 maggi cube
Bread (toasted)
Chop the onions, mushrooms and bell pepper. Heat up one tablespoon of olive oil in a pan. Add the chopped vegetables and tuna to pan. Add all seasonings. Add the tomato and basil sauce (I used Loyd Grossman's Tomato and Basil sauce). Mix everything well in. Allow to cook together for ten minutes.
When I originally cooked this mix we had it with pasta. I put the leftover mix in the fridge. To add to the leftover mix I simply did the following:
Chop the avocado into big(ish) chunks. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top of the avocado.
Toast the bread. Spread the spread of your choice - I use olive spread.
Serve leftover tuna mix with toast and avocado slices/chunks.
Et voila!
Hope you give this a go. If you do, let me know how it turned out.
Have a great weekend! Hope it's sunny where you are!
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