Friday, 15 April 2011

Asa - Beautiful Imperfection

I went to see Asa in concert over a week ago, been meaning to write a review on her concert since then. Better late than never I guess. 

It was the launch of her second album - Asa - Beautiful Imperfection, on April 4th 2011 @ The Barbican in London.
Well, what can I say? I thought she was amazing! She has a voice like no other, enchanting to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed her show. I was captivated the whole time, not wanting to blink or be interrupted for fear of missing even a second.

I went to the concert with my aunt (and friend) and friend (her daughter). We were actually late being seated because we were trying to get an extra ticket as we had only bought two tickets in the first place. When we finally got in Asa was singing Bimpe - which has to be my favourite song on her latest album, just because of the Nigerian attitude that comes through. I love it! I love the fact that her albums have both English and Yoruba songs on them. My favorites (from both albums) include Why Can't We, Bimpe, Ore, Preacher Man, Fire On The Mountain, Jailer, to name a few. In fact, there isn't a song on either of her albums that I don't like. She performed all of the above (except Ore - which I was really hoping she would sing, but never mind). 

She also sang a beautiful song in French, I had no idea what she was talking about, but it sounded beautiful. My favorite part of the concert was when she sang Bamidele, which she finished off with a traditional tribal dance, which was just amazing. All the Nigerians (and I dare say all the Africans) in the auditorium gave her a standing ovation at the end of her dance.

My final thoughts? I look forward to seeing Asa in concert again. It was a rather intimate affair held at The Barbican, which to be honest is the best way to see her. I think she was very engaging through out. Her band was brilliant, and it was a very well orchestrated gig. Each song was exciting, and I excitedly anticipated the next song.

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