Monday, 23 May 2011

Blogging & All That Jazz

Boy oh boy, I'm finding this blogging business quite taxing! How do you guys do this? On the regs too. Boy! I've just spent an unintended two hours trying to redesign my blog to represent me better. And I'm still not sure the design I've chosen is me enough. I took a picture of what I thought does, and after failing to download (because blogger says it's too big) I decided, not sure it's really me anyways.

Well, for now I've settled for this design. Hope you like it. (Not that you even care about that anyway, I'm sure good content is more important to you). And on the subject of content, I really don't know what that is for me. There are so many blogs I enjoy to read, and I read them and think, why can't I bring my thoughts out like that. Some of you guys are so succinct and leave me eagerly awaiting your next post. On the other hand I've read some really looong posts, that I just can't turn away from until I get to the end. How do you do that??? Lol. I know I'm being dramatic, but I really didn't give this blogging thing that much thought before I embarked on this journey.

I'm just blabbering on now, so I'll leave. Need some sleep. Blogger design dashboard thingymejig's tired me out! And why oh why are there soooo many options (yeah, I'm tired. Complaining about having too many options, if there were less, that would be my complaint. Haha.)

Nighty night peeps. (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz)


  1. LOL
    I'm loving this design
    It's sooo spring-like and fresh. I love cherry blossoms and I can almost feel their scent emanating from this page :))))
    It was worth it because I do feel one's blog appearance gives a clue about the writer's personality.
    Great job

  2. @Naijamum in London,
    Awww thank you so much. Glad this wasn't a waste of time. It's growing on me now. I think I was just really tired last night. Lol.
    Signing on to blogger today, I felt really excited about the way my blog looks now. Hehehe.
    You're so right about "blog appearance gives a clue about the writer's personality".

    Thanks so much.x

  3. LOL i like the design. havent seen it on any other blog yet :)
    I was also so poverwhelmed when i started blogging. I'm sure within a ew days/weeks u'll be addicted :)

  4. ha ha ha....but your design is really nice and unique,,,,you should ask Kitkat how she blogs almost everyday....i tune in perhaps once a dont worry you'll get the hang of it

  5. LMAO

    Your design is beautiful. Don't worry about blogging, inspiration will flow naturally.

    All the best

  6. I like the flowerly design for sure, and it makes it stand out. Just take it a day at a time, and you'll be fine.

  7. @Kitkat,
    Awww, thanks a lot for the encouragement.:))))
    How do you blog every day??? Lol. Thanks for following my blog (hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy yours).

    @Sisi Yemmie,
    Thank you so much. I know re: Kitkat, I've asked her, waiting to find out what her secret is. Lol.
    Thanks for following my blog. I LOVE GISTDOTCOM!!!

    @Mimi B,
    Thanks so much. I won't stress myself. :)
    Thanks for passing by and commenting.

    @Myne Whitman,
    OMDz!!! #bigsmile#
    I will heed to your advice. Thanks for following. :D

  8. I have tagged you - (The Bag Meme)
    Pls visit my blog to know more

  9. Yes i know i'll enjoy reading yours :)
    I love writing so i guess it's not as tasking for me :p