Sunday, 29 May 2011

In My Bag

Thank you Naija Mum in London for tagging me. My very first tag. Yay!

Ok here it goes...
My bag, nothing fancy, just an oldie from Top Shop

 The contents of my bag

In technicolour (haha)

My bag contents (ok, I admit, some crappy bits were removed - too shameful).

From left to right top to bottom:
Pens: Somehow one goes missing and then reappears, so I try to keep two pens in my bag.
Keys: I don't know why I have that Tesco's club key tag, I've NEVER used it.
Makeup bag: I rarely retouch my makeup - just my lipgloss, but my makeup bag seems to get fuller and fuller.
Wallet: Full of receipts!
Oyster card
BB Phone Case: Sorry, I used my phone to take these pictures. Need to get a new camera!
Umbrella: A black woman living in London should NEVER leave home without one! No matter how sunny it is outside. Trust me - no lol-ing at all.
Hair brush: My hair is natural so I rarely need to use my brush. My hair doesn't move! Haha!
Business cards: To hand out to potential clients and vendors - such a nice feeling. ;)
IPod: "If you don't have an IPod, well, you don't have an IPod" LOL!
Antibacterial Hand Gel: Don't leave home without it!
Bottle of Water
Hand Cream: I want a solution to dry hands! Removing rings to cream my hand is so h-annoying, and I get worried I might drop my engagement ring and it'll roll and fall in a drain. GOD FORBID!!!
Sunglasses case: I'm like you Naija Mum, just one peep from the sun! Lol.
Chewing Gum
Pocket Tissues
Small Diary: I've learned to write very small as I can't be asked with big heavy organisers. But all that's about to change now. I have to get one. :(
Small Notebook: For jotting things down. This will also be replaced by the soon to be purchased organizer.
Envelope: Enclosed is a copy of my tenancy agreement from back in 2003 (thank God I kept it), which I need to send to Thames Water to prove I've not lived at "another" address since then. Can you believe they want to charge me over £3000 for a property I've not lived in since 2001??!! What a blinking cheek! Abeg, return to sender!
Book: FabJob Guide to Become A Wedding Planner. My second bible. Lol.

Hope that was insightful for you guys. I actually enjoyed doing that. Thanks again Naija Mum for tagging me.

Now I'm tagging:

Kitkat (I know you've already been tagged, but please amuse me)
Myne Whitman (same as Kitkat, again please amuse me. And, so glad you're feeling better)
9ja Foodie (again, as above. I only have 12 Followers, 13 including myself. Lol!)

Ok, anyone that wants to do this tag should most definitely do so because it's fun!

Happy Sunday Everyone! Now, time for Church.



  1. Thanks for doing this

    Three things struck me:
    (1) Your leopard patterned umbrella indicates there's an adventurous side to you?

    (2) The wedding planner indicates someone is uber-excited about a forthcoming event and wants everything just right:)))) Please dont turn into Bridezilla LOL

    (3)Your diary cover has a very similar pattern as your blog page ! You must be really organised and a true romantic.

    Have a fab weekend

  2. @Naijamum,
    Oh wow! spot on! I guess your bag does say a whole lot about you. Lol @ "indicates there's an adventurous side to you?" Yep, I like scary rides at the funfair! Very uncharacteristic of me.
    The wedding planner is because I'm coordinating a client's wedding.
    And yes, I'm a helpless romantic. Love cheesey romance too. Lol.
    Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend.

  3. Aww i saw the tag after i had already posted my blogpost but thanks :)
    I always forget to carry a hairbrush with me :/

  4. Thanks for tagging me, and yeah, getting stronger everyday.

    I like your umbrella! LOL...and I also noted the note cover, did you chose the background cos of that?

    I didn't even know you were a wedding planner. Is it just that or other events too?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @Kitkat,
    I've seen your bag post. Very interesting. :)

    @Myne Whitman,
    Glad you're getting stronger. Re: blog design and notebook cover design, honestly, I didn't even click until Naijamum mentioned it. Lol. Just goes to show.
    Yes, I'm just starting out as a wedding planner. Just doing weddings at the moment, but who knows in the future, I might expand to doing other events later.
    Thanks for passing by and commenting.

    I appreciate all of you guys.

  7. I love love love that you admitted to removing some crappy things. I would too.
    Like it here and will be back.

  8. Great!! I'm a sucker for Orbit gum- i've got it in my bag right now hehehe. My 'in my bag' meme is coming up soon too


  9. @Gbemisoke, I know right?! There's no point in pretending. Lol.
    Thank you so much for coming by and following.x

    @Adiya, looking forward to seeing yours. :D