Thursday, 21 July 2011

Chicken Stew With Rice

 This post was inspired by 9jaFOODie and of course my little man.

In the beginning I was an overly cautious mother. I was inexperienced and was so frightened of burning my son's mouth and throat, that I used to cool his bottle right down before giving it to him. His milk would be almost lukewarm before I would give it him. So it's no surprise that when it came to time to weaning him, I shied away from giving him anything too adventurous like "peppe" for example. Fast forward 9 years, and he's now a believer. I was worried for a while that I had turned my little man into a proper "ajebutter" baby. But it all started with my mum's chicken stew. He was sick one day and the next morning all he wanted was Nana's chicken stew. This was a surprise to me. Anyway, he got what he wanted, he had three pieces of chicken and licked up all the stew. Since then, that's become his favourite dish.

Today was his last day of school and his cousin (who also attends the same school) is leaving to go to secondary school. To cheer him up I asked him what he wanted for dinner. guess what he said? You guessed it. Enjoy the process. ;)

I Started with the chicken - washed and cleaned and into the pot with 1 chopped onion and seasoning - salt chicken stock, mixed herbs, mild curry powder.

Here's the raw ingredients for the stew. All of which was blended together in the blender until almost completely smooth.

I then fried some of the chicken.

Then in the pots goes the stew mix (with a little oil), which is then seasoned with salt, black pepper, mild curry powder, maggi cubes, mixed herbs, herbs de province, parsley, and garlic powder. (One of the things I love about African Cuisine is that every household has their own distinctive flavour.)

The stew is then cooked for about twenty minutes. I know it's ready when the oil sits at the top. I then add the chicken and let it all simmer for a further ten to fifteen minutes.

And voila!

The chicken stew is served with boiled rice.

Little man thoroughly enjoyed his dinner and was a happy bunny by the end of it all. ;)

Good night all.



  1. So you want to join 9ja Foodie in harassing us with food. *sigh*
    This looks absolutely delicious.


  2. LOL! @N.I.L, it's not my fault. Sorry, no vex eh.
    Thank you so much. x

  3. u had me at i fried some of the chicken :)

  4. @Olori,
    Hahaha! Thank you. :)

  5. kai....y am i reading this kind of post this night???? anyways ill try your style

  6. that looks so good and im so hungry right now (havent had my dinner yet). I wish they would invent the technology to just zap that plate onto my table right now lol

  7. Well done Ms Buki!!!... I dey vex go fry some dodo for kitchen so I can eat this rice virtually. lol. looks yum!

  8. Thank God I'd just had my dinner before reading this, lol/.. I love chicken stew and rice.

  9. @Sisi Yemmie,
    Lol! I'm sure you will enjoy your own.

    Thank you. If such technology was created, my weight loss battle would beover! Lol.

    Yay! Thank you so much! #big grin# Come let us share the dodo now. Lol.

    Thanks for the compliment. Me too! :)

  10. yummy yummy, where's my share? Looks good, great job

  11. @Yankeenaijababe,
    Thank you o. Yours is in the post. ;)

  12. Ok I'm salivating, thank God I just had breakfast, i'm sure it would have been worse. Hope it tastes as good as it looks? :)
    First time here. FFg now!

  13. Oh yes, my type of dish! This looks delicious! I may have to try this soon!

  14. @MsJB, I got the nod of approval from little man because he cleaned his plate. So I'd say yes, it tasted good. Lol.

    Thanks so much for passing by, commenting and following my blog. :))

    @High Heels, I hope you enjoy. :)