Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Random Post

Hi guys, hope all is well with you.

It's 5:56am, I'm due to get up and prepare for work in less than an hour, so I figured, no point in trying to sleep now. Might as well blog. I've been reading other blogs since about 4:30am. Some interesting blogs.

Got me thinking...

I've been blogging now since March and I'm still not sure what direction to take my blog. I don't want to be too rigid, but I kinda feel like I'm all over the place at the moment. (#Shrugs shoulders). I hope it becomes a coherent blog eventually.

A thought just came to me. I had better enjoy this free time now whilst I'm alone. When hubby joins me I may be too tired to blog spontaneously (if you know what I mean #winks).

I can't wait to take some leave off work! My son breaks up from school for the summer in just a couple of days. Which means some time off work for me too. Yay! I usually take the first week or two of his summer hols off, then the last two weeks, so we can enjoy. Expect more blogging from me during this time (I hope - we'll see how that pans out).

Oh and I have to declutter my home as soon as I get the chance. I have unfiled mail all over the gaff! Not to mention clusters of unwanted things here and there. That's the first thing I must do as soon as I can. I may start this weekend and see how far I get before I go back to work. I keep storing things with the hope of putting things on ebay or gumtree. I'm yet to put a single thing up for sale. I eventually get fed up and then just bundle everything to the nearest charity shop. Smh.

In the weight loss department, it's like I've just taken 10 steps backwards. SMH! I was on a roll for a while, but in the last 6 or so weeks, I've managed to gain 7lbs. 7lbs!!!! That's half a stone! So the last few days, I've had to make a conscious effort to watch what I eat. I've gone back to salads for lunch. Every day! Today is weigh in day, so I'm going to blog more about it tonight! Can't believe I've gained half a stone. :(

Anyhoo, time to get up and pray and get ready for the day.

Blog you later.



  1. I hope you have a nice day today, also with your son, sounds exciting. The cluttering thing is a must do knowing I used to live in a small space with 4 sisters and we rarely found anything, just imagine how happy the day my father made up clear out everything we didn't need...worth doing, now our home is so much better and easier to find stuff. Stay blessed always!

  2. Interesting post: on weight loss, I think finding the meal combinations that help to maintain your weight is the hardest part, it's not the same for everyone. Don't worry about the 7 lbs, sure u will take it off in no time.

  3. LOL...i feel you...

    I agree on taking time off to spend with your son during his summer break, and that should be fun too. And good luck with the weight loss.

    Have a great day.

  4. @Yankeenaijababe,
    I know right? A clear and tidy room/house makes for a clear and tidy mind I say. It's no wonder I've not been able to rest/sleep properly.
    Thanks so much for commenting. :)

    You have a very valid point. I will take better notice of what I eat the weeks I lose weight from now on. And I'll try and repeat that in the future. Thanks so much for the encouragement. :)

    @Myne Whitman,
    I'm sooo looking forward to the time off. Thanks so much. :)