Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Feeling Romantic

Mr T, Mr T, wherefore art thou Mr T???

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

I want the REAL thing!!!!

Excuse my dramatics but I want my real wedding!!!!

I want Mr T (hubby) to hurry up and get his visa and get over here quick quick!!

I wanna be able to seriously plan my wedding, like booking the venue, putting my deposit down and know that part is sorted!!! (I already know the venue I want so no need to hunt around for that :))) )

I wanna go wedding dress shopping with my mum and sisters! (Mummy is a very influential woman, and I may end up picking her choice rather than my own. Lol).

I wanna choose and book my caterer, photographer, vidoegrapher, DJ, live band, and all that good stuff!

I wanna do the whole cake tasting thing with Mr T, mum and my sisters!

I wanna go ring shopping with Mr T!

I wanna seriously choose the theme and colour scheme for the wedding! (I've picked several since he proposed).

I wanna plan our honeymoon!!! (Hawaii!!!)

I wanna go clothes shopping for my honeymoon!!!

And shoes!!! Oh the shoes!!! (**Shaking with excitement in my chair**)

I wanna say my vows!!! Real vows in the presence of God and man!! (With the Pastor as the officient - not a registrar - surrounded by our loved ones).

I wanna dance like I've never danced before (Mr T reckons he's gonna out-dance me, just because I tend to be shy at dancing in front of other peoples - he has no idea. I go thrash him on that day! Lol!)

Oh! *big, big, big sigh* I just wanna have my REAL wedding!!!


I know I'm being so dramatic. But I had to put it all out there. Lol.

Looking forward to all of the above and more. I should probably reduce the amount of time I spend on sites like Bella Naija (are those weddings for real??? Too much money!!!) and Essence online's Bridal Bliss (some seriously gorgeous weddings featured).



Monday, 22 August 2011

If I Could DO It Again...

I was just at N.I.L's blog, reading some of her earlier posts and I came across a post she titled COULD have; SHOULD have; WOULD have........?! This post got me thinking mehn.

Remember when you were young and bright eyed? When the world was truly your oyster? Then slowly, slowly, with life and the help of the influential people in your life, your dreams were crushed. You became more and more inhibited, then eventually you settled for less than your dream.

Not that I'm saying this is the case for everyone, but I'm sure many can relate. When I was young I used to dream of being an actress. I was really good in drama too. When it came time to choose my GCSE's I knew exactly what I wanted to pick. I had it all figured. Drama, Art, French, and English (Literature and Language) were my favourites. Well, it wasn't to be. My parents weren't having none of it! They insisted I would take Double Science (I detested science beyond words). They didn't want to hear me out about art. "Eh? Art? What is art? Is that what we sent you to school to do? To be drawing with crayon?". "Drama ke? Kini drama? Mscheww!" (Lol).

I was also very good at sports. I was a natural at tennis and was fast improving in athletics. I used to do the high jump and 200 meters for my team on sports day. The high jump was a total surprise to me and my P.E. teacher.  I loved it and she pushed me as far as she could. But again, my parents didn't want to know. My dad had the mentality that he hadn't suffered all he'd suffered to bring his wife over here, settle his family here, for his children to just be playing yeye sports. It was science! And that was that.

So unfortunately, my Olympic and Oscar dreams were squashed before they could even take off.

So as you can guess, I did the Double Science. Managed to get a grade C (which I consider a major achievement considering how much I hated it). I managed to persuade them to let me take French GCSE. I then went on to do Biology, Chemistry and English Literature (thank God for small mercies - LOL!) as A-levels. After doing Biology and Chemistry for a year, I just couldn't take it anymore. I wrote a letter to my mum telling her just how much I hated these subjects and that I was not going to continue with them in my second year. She didn't take it very well. But I stuck to my guns (well sort of). I ended up taking Psychology and Sociology in their place, with some hope of still pleasing my parents with some sort of doctorate at the eventual end.

After the fiasco with me, my parents had an epiphany and decided to let my siblings choose for themselves (under their advisement of course). Well, at least those that came after me didn't have to suffer the same fate as me I guess.

While I was thinking about my "shoulda, coulda, woulda's" I thought of how many things I loved and dreamed of doing then. I thought of how important the role of a parent is in shaping their child's life.

If only...I do sit and wonder sometimes where I would be today if my parents actually noticed my gifts as a child. Where would I be today? My story could have been so different. Yeah I said it. It could have been so different. *big sigh*.

Anyway, life goes on. I'm not doing bad considering and some things I still wish to pursue (sorry, neither the Olympic nor Oscar dreams shall be resurrecting themselves - lol). But there are other things that I can and still will pursue. Like French for example.

Now I watch my son and I'm so impressed by him. Perhaps my own experience has served (if nothing else) as a lesson in recognizing, nurturing and cultivating gifts in my own children. He is truly gifted in art and he's a whiz at maths. We recently discovered he's really good at football too. That came out of nowhere, a bit like the high jump did for me in secondary school.

I'm not bitter towards my parents (although I was for a very long time). I now accept that they did what they thought was best. I'm very pleased to see that they've somewhat learned their own lessons through it too. One of the things that tickles me now is that my dad is so eager to encourage my son in the area of sports. Namely tennis and golf (I'm trying hard not to think it has anything to do with the Williams sisters and Tiger Woods. LOL!). They also both notice my son's gifts and talents and really make a fuss over him because of them (makes my heart smile).

Well, I thank God I'm still here and I still have dreams to fulfill all the same.

With that said, parents, notice your children's gifts and nurture and cultivate them. Help them to point their arrows in the right direction. That's what we're all here for.

Stay blessed.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Hello there...

Hello Everybody!!!!

First of all, I wanna thank everybody that read my last post, and those that commented. And a big hello to all my new followers since then. I appreciate you all!!!

Secondly, I'm sure a lot of you all have heard about the UK Riots! SMH! Couldn't believe what was going on first in London, then up and down the UK. Thank God they've stopped all their rioting now. For the most part I really think it was just a bunch of opportunists. So many psychologists, politicians and experts tried to rationalise, justify or explain these riots. Some even tried to turn it into a black riot or black youths riots. What a load of nonsense! These people were not fighting ANY cause whatsoever! AND there were youths from every race. They just realised that if they united to vandalise they could get freebies by looting. I was and am still so appalled (as I'm sure many were too). These young people were just interested in what they could get through looting. And the sad thing was that it's their own communities that will suffer the effects of their own actions. So silly. 

My heart goes out to all those small businesses that were barely surviving before these riots, that now have to deal with even more loss. And all those whose homes were broken into, cars destroyed or were even physically assaulted during these riots. So very sad.

There goes the insurance rates! Smh! (I shm'd so much this past week, there was a point that I thought if I smh just one more time it would get stuck).

My little man's been at his dad for a week now (another week to go). So I've been a free bird for the past week and man I have been L-A-Z-E-E-E!!! For the most part I've just been going to work, going to mum's for dinner, coming home and crashing! Oh I've been enjoying o! The first few days I was seriously missing little man. Didn't know what to do with myself. Then I decided I would do the bare minimum at home (which has been working out just fine - LOL).

A friend of mine invited me to this Hip Hop Karaoke thing last week. So I decided why not?! A few of us went. I went straight from work (big mistake!). I had to get ready in the toilets and was so hot, I was sweating buckets! I freshened up as best I could and went to meet the girls. They seemed pretty excited to pick some tunes to do when we first got there (I was just curious, and nervous! I wasn't about to make a fool of myself yo!). Anyways, once the girls got a glimpse of the list of songs and came to the realisation that the most popular (and well known by us - we're not hip hop lovers) were already spoken for, they decided to back up and just watch. (Phew!)

When the games began, oh my days! the place was jampacked and was crazy hot! The most shocking thing for us was the how much the host swore. Smh. When he first swore we all looked at each other with raised eyebrows. After two or three sentences, we were like yeah, this ain't our scene yo! Lol. I guess it goes with the culture. It was too vulgar for us. But please tell me, who sent us??? Hahaha. We ourselves were doing "I too know". Lol. Lesson learned.

We stayed for just a few songs (all the subjects were really brave and quite good) and then we just had to go (the heat was unbearable and it was a work night after all). HOWEVER, as soon as we got outside, we were planning our next visit and how we're gonna rehearse a particular song and bring our other friend who really digs hip hop and all that. We make me laugh (and we're glutons for punishment)! I feel a bit like an agbaya now. Lolol.
This coming week I need to get into gear. Too much lazy-ing around. And as little man's coming back home next weekend, I don't want to be struggling to get into gear when he's back. But I intend enjoy at least a couple more days of laziness first. :)

A friend of mine has been encouraging me to do a parenting blog because she thinks I'm a fountain of parenting knowledge for dummies. I'm no expert, but I'm willing to share my knowledge and experiences. Seriously considering it though - should be interesting. Will keep you posted about that (for anyone interested).

Have a wonderful (riot-free) week ahead.

Ciao for now peeps.