Sunday, 28 August 2011

I want the REAL thing!!!!

Excuse my dramatics but I want my real wedding!!!!

I want Mr T (hubby) to hurry up and get his visa and get over here quick quick!!

I wanna be able to seriously plan my wedding, like booking the venue, putting my deposit down and know that part is sorted!!! (I already know the venue I want so no need to hunt around for that :))) )

I wanna go wedding dress shopping with my mum and sisters! (Mummy is a very influential woman, and I may end up picking her choice rather than my own. Lol).

I wanna choose and book my caterer, photographer, vidoegrapher, DJ, live band, and all that good stuff!

I wanna do the whole cake tasting thing with Mr T, mum and my sisters!

I wanna go ring shopping with Mr T!

I wanna seriously choose the theme and colour scheme for the wedding! (I've picked several since he proposed).

I wanna plan our honeymoon!!! (Hawaii!!!)

I wanna go clothes shopping for my honeymoon!!!

And shoes!!! Oh the shoes!!! (**Shaking with excitement in my chair**)

I wanna say my vows!!! Real vows in the presence of God and man!! (With the Pastor as the officient - not a registrar - surrounded by our loved ones).

I wanna dance like I've never danced before (Mr T reckons he's gonna out-dance me, just because I tend to be shy at dancing in front of other peoples - he has no idea. I go thrash him on that day! Lol!)

Oh! *big, big, big sigh* I just wanna have my REAL wedding!!!


I know I'm being so dramatic. But I had to put it all out there. Lol.

Looking forward to all of the above and more. I should probably reduce the amount of time I spend on sites like Bella Naija (are those weddings for real??? Too much money!!!) and Essence online's Bridal Bliss (some seriously gorgeous weddings featured).




  1. Awww... your dreams will come true, not to worry.

  2. will surely happen. As you're a wedding planner, yours will be well done for sure.

  3. hahahaha. Omg! I couldn't help laughing loud at the about dress shopping with your mom. I ended up picking a dress my mommy liked! I was too tired of trying on dresses :(
    Don't worry too much sha, it will all happen soon. Take your time and do it in bits :)

  4. It will happen for you as you wish....I say Amen to you. And as for Bellanaija I have decide not to go there

  5. too cute :=) it will happen for u in jesus name

  6. LOL
    So sweet
    Enjoy every moment. Na one life.
    Re- the wedding....try to stick to a budget. Financial stress after wedding is not needed

  7. I bet you can't wait! God will bring it to pass and it'd be a success in Jesus' name.

    - LDP

  8. Awww in good time good time, it will all happen!

  9. You are not being dramatic.It will come to pass and it will be successful. BellaNaija sure showcases beautiful weddings but just like N.I.L said, be on a budget.

  10. Thank you all so much for your prayers! I believe I receive IJN!

    God bless you all.

    You are all very much appreciated. xxx

    (I had typed a response to every comment, then blogger started playing up. *so annoyed* Sorry.)

  11. imao, you are so funny, seriously you should stop checking those weddings out on Bellanaija, I so feel you, looking forward to having a wedding too , it would come, hang in tight.

  12. Awwww I can feel your excitement and I know what you mean about those BN weddings. They can make somebody THINK!!

    Please share AAAALLLLLL the details when you start shopping and all :)


  13. amen amen amen!!! It will come to pass and it will surpass your expectations :)

    As for BN weddings in fact I have stopped looking at them.. although I just clicked on the link on your blog to catch up on what I had missed lol.

    They are just sooo flawless (most of the time).. *sigh*

  14. *smiles* All these and much more will happen for you and soon too

    Those BN weddings shay? Kai! they can make someone think o...

    First time here and following

  15. @Destiny,
    Yes o, it shall surely come. And for you also. Hanging on o! Lol.

    Ah!BN can really make you THINK for real!
    I look forward to sharing all the details when the time comes. :D

    AMEN! Thanks for praying and agreeing with me! God bless you!

    Na real nawawa fo BN o! Lol.
    Thanks so much for commenting and following my blog too.

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  17. "I should probably reduce the amount of time I spend on sites like Bella Naija (are those weddings for real??? Too much money!!!) and Essence online's Bridal Bliss (some seriously gorgeous weddings featured)."

    I read the above and laughed so hard!!! Sounds so much like me! I get those essence wedding bliss in my email every Wednesday!!! I now aadded munaluchi bridal... So you can imagine the dreams in my head.. lol

    On you blog for the first time and you sound like so much fun.. I'll stop by again:)

    And Oh! I pray God exceeds your expectations:)

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  19. Ms. Buki:) I just gave you an award- Most versatile Blogger- Pic up your blog-scar asap from my blog :D