Wednesday, 28 September 2011

10 Really Random Things About Me

I was tagged by the lovely Mstizzle of mstizzle's voice. Thanks girlfriend!

Here are 10 Really Random Things About Me. Hope you find this interesting...

10. When I was little (about 8 or 9) I used to always pretend the world was a stage - literally, so I'd act things out. One day my mum caught me "talking" to myself at church (I was acting out a scene on my own as usual) and we had words. Never did it again! Weird, I know.


9. I've been told I don't walk, I float. (This was meant to be a compliment, but I took it the wrong way the first time I heard it). I can assure you I'm human! Hahaha!

8. I get really bad pms! It's really bad, I can go from nice to "evacuate the area" mode in 0.01 seconds. o_O Please pray for my husband.

7. I hate football, but not because of football itself, but how it reduces big grown men to moosh. It's just a game!!! Yeah I said it! What?! (Lol)

6. My favourite colour is green. Olive green to be exact.

5. I'm terrible at keeping in touch by phone (unless you're on email, facebook, bbm, and/or now blogger). I'm working on it! Lol.

4. Growing up I only wanted boys as kids because I wanted to be the queen AND the only princess in my house. But I now have a step-daughter, so poof goes that dream. Hahaha!

3. When I was a teen I wanted coloured contact lenses so bad that I tried so hard to fail my eye test at the opticians only to pass with flying colours. Shame! 

2. I trained my body never to fart in public, to the point that my body just won't do it. I heard a story of a man (or woman, can't remember right now), who spontaneously combusted. Since then I've been trying to undo years of training, now believing it's better out than in, but my body just won't do it. Smh.

1. I love the rain. I love the sound and smell of the air when it's raining. And I love going outside just after it's stopped raining. I hate being out in the rain without a brolly though. Lol.

Hope you found that interesting or funny at the least. Don't worry, I won't be offended if you thought "weirdo". Haha!

Now I'm tagging:

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And of course anyone who wants to do this tag. I would love to know some really random things about you all too. :)))

Tag you're it!!!

Thanks again mstizzle for tagging me. xx

Blog you again soon.


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  1. I love this tag, it's truly you.

    You love olive green and love rain, thanks for sharing about you. Now I know why your fart smells so bad when am around you...joking. Stay blessed always.

  2. @Destiny,
    Hahahahahahaha! I feel so exposed now. Lol.
    Thanks. ;)

  3. Hahaha Yea you should feel exposed :P
    Thanks for the tag, I really appreciate it x

  4. @MsJB,
    ***covering my face***
    You're welcome regarding the tag. Hope you do it. :D

  5. awww u tagged me, thanks! :) & yes i've already done it but issorai :)
    I love love love the smell of the air when it rains and yes FOOTBALL is jst a game!(wochugondoabourrit boys?!! :p)
    LMAO at thinking the world was a stage, u musta been a cute kid.

  6. Oooohh, you tagged me? Thanks so much. Second tag I have gotten this week.
    Gurrrl, you aint serious. You can get 'shakommended' contacts naa. You don't to fake the eye test. The football man pic is just so funny

  7. Awww bless, you're welcome!! Lol @ the PMS- very serious sturvs **now bowing head and praying**

  8. i found number 3 really funny, passing in flying colors, looooool, there goes your colored contacts.
    Today is the day to rock your green abi olive green, just add white by the side

  9. Always great to learn a little bit more about my blog peeps! I too love the smell of the rain. I like to sleep with my window open when its raining..ahhhhh! Kiah

  10. hahaha @ the controlling your body not to fart.Thanks for the tag chica.

  11. My PMS is bad as well -_- lol! Great post!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  12. Heyy gave you an award on my blog, go get it!! :)

  13. nice post and gr8 blog, come check awt my fashion blog and lets follow each other like twitter :)

  14. I love the rain too. Especially when you are curled up nice and warm in bed and there is a soft pitter patter at your window pane. So soothing!

  15. I lurv the smell of rain too...sooo fresh.
    #5 describes me perfectly. i'm trying to change too but bless bbm #sigh

    Lmao @ur farting gimmincks. Good luck with 'undoing' that.