Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Pulling On My Heart Strings

Hello Peoples,

I feel incredibly guilty for my absence. I really do (**covering my face**). Although I've not posted anything in weeks, I have been reading and commenting on your posts (for the most part). Been really busy. So sorry.

(I took this pic myself - get it? Pulling on my heart strings - trying to be creative. Lol)

Li'l man started walking to school by himself a couple of weeks ago. Well actually he meets two of his class mates who live near us at the top of the road and they all walk to school together. As you can imagine, this has been soooo stressful for me. On the first day one of the other parents secretly followed them to school. The next day I watched them from afar until they turned a corner. And I've been so stressed. Been pleading the blood of Jesus so much, if His blood was depletable I for don finish am sef! Lol. I guess this feeling is due to what transpired in the garden of Eden - you know, the part where God cursed the woman. Genesis 3:16 - "Unto the woman he (God) said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children". I take this to mean that we so desire children and then we have them and spend the rest of the time stressing over them. Constantly worrying about them. Never wanting to let go, but having to let go all the same.

This summer this li'l man really began to apply the pressure. Begging me if he can start going to the corner shop for me. I eventually agreed on a trial basis. I spent the whole 15 minutes at the window, praying the whole time. God help me. I don't need to do any cardiovascular exercise at present, because my heart is getting enough exercise on its own just dealing with this new juncture in my life. Lol. In God I trust and will continue to trust!

Li'l man riding his bike in the park

Moving on...My diet has been a shambles! Smh! I will blog about it later. So h-annoying.Mstcheeeewww!
Well, That's it for now. I know it's a really short post, but wasn't really planning to post today, but thought a short post is better than nothing at all.

Hope you've all been doing great. Blog you again soon.



  1. Aww he's such a cutie riding his bike, you are a great mummy, not to worry, he will be alright

  2. @Destiny,
    Thank you so much. I try to be. And I trust God that he will be alright always.

  3. Oh wow, when my mum used to fret over me and call me at 7pm to find out where I was, I used to be sooo upset and then she'll go, "don't worry, you'll soon understand". Now I kind of get what she means... It is well. Olorun a ba e woo. Remember he's a gift from God to you.
    Don't place the gift higher than the giver.
    (((big hug))

    p.s- I tagged you in my post :)

  4. Awww...it can't be easy but that shows the care and love you have for him. God will keep you both.

  5. @mstizzle,
    Yes o, being a parent gives you a new appreciation for what our own parents went through with us.
    And Amen to your prayer. Thank you.
    Oh yes! I shan't place the gift above the Giver.
    Thank you jare. xx

    @Myne Whitman,
    It's not easy, but God's grace is sufficient (I must remember that.
    Thank you so much. :)

  6. Aww I know! Mothers are just too special. But stop worrying too much tho, let your heart rest from the excess exercises :)
    And I really liked the picture with the heart strings.

  7. @MsJB,
    Mothers are o. I appreciate my mum more and more everyday, and with every milestone.
    I think I'm getting better everyday, but it's not easy o.
    Awww, thanks! Re: my heart strings picture. Feeling quite proud of myself.

  8. I know it can't be easy to let go and trust that he will be fine on his own, but I guess its something all mothers must do at one point or the other.
    God will continue to give you wisdom in raising your child

  9. Everything will be alright!!! glad you are okay.

  10. I can imagine how you feel, it gets so nerve wrecking sometimes but I'm sure he'd be fine and you'd be good too.

  11. Aww, He is God's own so He is safe. Peace of mind Ms Buki Peace of mind. He'll be alright.

    Have a good one!

  12. @@ilola,
    Amen! I thank God plenty in advance o! xx

    Thanks lovely. xx

    No be small ting o. But yes, in God I trust. xx

    @Missy Tee's,
    Amen! He is indeed God's own. I have peace of mind IJN! Thanks. girl. xx