Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Hey Peeps,

What do you guys have for breakfast on Saturday mornings? It's a tradition in our home to have a full English breakfast. Little Man discovered akara recently and he wanted it with his Saturday brekkie.

Full English Breakfast with a Naija twist.

One of my favourite breakfasts is weetabix and bananas. Yum!


What's yours?

Have a fabulous weekend.



  1. Not a breakfast person but whenever I get to have breakfast I stick to bread or cornflakes.

  2. I like my warm oatmeal with fresh banana or strawberry and soymilk...just wonderful

  3. Yummy! Ours is pancakes and Omolettes, which is usually late since we sleep in.

  4. I usually do brunch on Saturdays :)
    e.g Sand wish, omellete, beverage or cereal with some fruits.

  5. Akara/moinmoin and ogi is a favourite in our house if its local breakfast, English breakfast for us is eggs,sausages and baked beans.

  6. @'Lara,
    I've had to force myself to become a breakfast person - by force and by fire! Lol.

    That sounds quite nice. I might try oatmeal with fresh banana. Mmmm.

    Pancakes and omelettes sounds delicious too! (*mouth is watering).

    Sometimes our breakfast is actually a brunch as well cos of the good old Saturday morning lie-in. ;).

    Oh, ogi is my mum's absolute favourite breakfast.

    Thanks for sharing all!