Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ugo's Boutique

Hello people!

Longish time. ;) Hope you're all doing fabulous!

I recently discovered something that I just have to share with you. You have to, have to, have to check out this young lady's website - Ugo's Boutique. Her company make and sell thee most beautiful oilcloth bags. Seriously!

Let me introduce you to a dear friend and former next door neighbour Ugonna. I accidentally came across her bags (girlfriend kept it real quiet). I am so impressed by her work. The bags are so gorgeous! Thought this would be the perfect time to put up this post (Christmas around the corner and all). So if anyone's wondering what to get me (Kemistry ;)) this is a top contending option (**wink,wink**).

"UGO is the very first of it's kind; to offer oilcloth bags using traditional African fabrics. We describe ourselves as an AFRO-POP fashion accessories label, presenting you with exceedingly delicious arm candy." (quoted from the site.)
This one has to be my favourite...

Too cute!

Did I mention that they do purses too?

I wouldn't say no to this lovely little tote either...

Me likey a lot!!!

Check out the website folks You won't be disappointed.

Blog you again soonest (I promise).



  1. They do look very stylish and beautiful.

  2. Those look ever so gorgeous. I love them. Headed over there now.
    Thanks for following my blog Ms. Buki.
    let em also introduce you to my online bookstore:

  3. Shopping is in the air, they look really good, wow! Thanks for sharing

  4. Ooooh ! Love the flask shape bag :)