Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hello lovely, lovely, lovely people!!!

Hope you're all having a truly blessed week. I know I promised a 'proper' post soon, and I will deliver...soon. Lol.

I first of all want to thank all you lovely people who've been checking up on me, and expressing your concern for me whenever I comment on your posts. You are so appreciated. I am absolutely fine. Done licking my wounds and moving onwards and upwards. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So the fact that I'm still here, means I'm not dead, therefore I must be stronger. 

I have a wonderful family around me and some truly AMAZING friends. Slowly, slowly, they've helped pull me out of my funk. And I'm gradually returning to 'normal'. Lol. I thank God for everything.

Welcome to my new followers friends. I appreciate you all, new and old. Mwah!

I came across this Kirk Franklin video for a song called Smile. I think this is actually the second video he made for the same song. This second video made me literally laugh out loud! I love what he's done with this video and the  tribute to Coming to America (my absolute favourite movie!!!). ENJOY!!!

Hahahahahahaha! Did you notice the 'Sol Glo' bit? Now, to my UK peeps, over the age of 30, don't you think he looks like Mr Fraser from The Real McCoy from back in the day??? Please say somebody can relate.

Also love the 'heavenly chocolate, HEAVENLY CHOCOLATE!!' part. Hahahahaha. This video was satisfyingly funny.

Oh sweet nostalgia!

Hope you enjoyed.

Enjoy the rest of your week you wonderful people!!!