Sunday, 12 January 2014

It's Been Too Long

Well a huge hello and Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you're all doing well. I hope you've had great Christmas and New Year's celebrations. And I hope the year ahead is full of wonderment (wonderful enjoyment) for you.

I've been away a looong time. I realise my last post was in May, and I only posted a total of three times in 2013. Whilst this is appalling, I can't say it was completely accidental (it wasn't completely on purpose either). I had desired to blog a whole lot more than I did, but it just wasn't happening. I also went through a lot in terms of changing my heart and mindset in a lot of areas.

The first half of last year I spent feeling "less than" in so many ways. Once I realised my mindset was generally negative, I had to take a step back from blogging.

Sometimes when you take a big hit it takes a while for the pain to kick in, and when it finally does, it feels like hell (whatever hell must feel like). When I first got separated I think anger was all I felt. I went through 2012 completely disoriented. Eventually the actual pain kicked in. I couldn't handle the magnitude of what had happened to me and how on earth I let it. Then after the pain, more anger. I was angry with absolutely everybody involved. I was especially angry with God. He gets blamed for everything, even though he sends warnings, blockades, great big huge billboard signs! All of them ignored of course. Then He gets the blame. Smh.

Anyway, I'm happy to say bye bye to 2013, and happy to get on with life. 2013 wasn't bad. I'd say it was a year of growth. 2013 taught me a lot of very valuable lessons. One of the most important ones was self-acceptance. Loving me no matter what's going on, what others may have to say, how others act towards me, and (wait for it...) no matter what I've done. Such a liberating feeling. I'm also free from the bondage of "what will they think?". My new perspective is "what will God think?"

Yes, 2013 has been a pivotal year for me to say the least. I'm grateful for the lessons.

Well guess what?! I'm back! I'm rebooted, refreshed, and rejuvenated! Whoop! Positive about life and the year ahead. I truly sense that 2014 is going to be special. I don't normally feel so positive about the year ahead, but I'm not ashamed to say, this year I am. Very positive!

I've made some changes regarding this blog. The first is the name. Previously, now I welcome you to I wanted to change my blog name a while now. I think "msbukiwrites" gives the impression that I'm a writer, but I'm not. It took me forever to decide on a new name. I finally decided on BukiBelle. I started to feel uncertain again, then I got a fragrance called Belle (by Lancome) for my birthday. Smells delightful! Alas! Confirmation! Thus was born.

This year I hope to be a lot more active in the blogosphere than I was last year.

Thank you for taking the journey with me so far. I hope you'll continue to stick around!

Buki. xox