Wednesday, 12 February 2014

About Last Year

Hello People!

How goes it? I'm hoping everything is a-okay!

I've had a busy and demanding couple of weeks. I've recently changed departments and undertaken a completely different job role. It's been a lot to take in, but it's somewhat enjoyable. 

I wanted to come by and kind of fill in the gap. I've been up to a lot whilst I was away, and I just wanted to share some of that.

Dating Palava!

Last year I decided to take a dip into the dating world. I went on a few dates, some good, some not so good. The thing dating showed me is what I want and what I do NOT want. I gave online dating a go. After dating several different guys I decided I wanted to meet my Mr Right in a more organic way. So screw online dating! Lol. Well, for now anyway. I've also learned to never say never. Because boy! If it comes to it, I will try again. ;)

A friend of mine tried to set me up three times last year too. Oh boy! I find myself frustrated around British guys, or guys with a British mentality. Or is it just me. This fear of rejection thing is an absolute curse. You have to practically run a man down for him to make a move, and I won't do that. So I guess we'll both just stand here staring blankly waiting for the other to make a move. Seriously?! That's how it felt. Loool! Where is the chase in men these days? where's the hunter mentality? I tire.

And then there's the great date! You go on a blind date, have an amazing evening. I mean, the atmosphere is lovely, food is good, conversation is great, and company is amazing (ahh so you think). And then he doesn't call. Like what the what?! Lol. ok, NEXT!!!

Seriously, there's so much more I want to share, but not blogging anonymously has it's limitations. All in all, it was an eye-opener.

Li'l Man

My son started secondary school in September. I have to say that was huge for me. Thankfully we got our first choice. And I'm very pleased with the transition. The school was very helpful with the transition from primary to secondary school. He's been getting on great. He's doing really good. I couldn't be more proud. 

Big Boy! He doesn't really wear glasses. Na just for posing. Omo mummy.

He's matured so much in one year. They really do grow up fast. You have to cherish every single moment I tell you. Now he's refusing to cut his hair. He's growing his afro (oh Lord). I like his hair cut low, looking smart. But no, apparently afro's are in. Thankfully he's agreed to shape-ups. Well, I've insisted - no shape up, no afro!! Who's the mummy here?? Lol.

My shnookums and I. Mwa!

Kids make me laugh. I remember when he couldn't wait to wash the dishes and hoover the floor. Now he's graduated to higher levels of housework, he runs and hides! Haha, se bi you wanted to help na? Loooool. He's even dabbled in a little cooking. he helped cook this whole chicken. I must say, I don't know if it's because I didn't cook it myself, but it was really delish!

Lami's first real cooking project (with a little help from mama of course).

Aso Ebi Drama!

A friend of mine got married in October. I gave my aso ebi to my mum to have it sewed in Naija since she was going. Somehow I got the dates mixed up, and my mum was due back the day after the said wedding. Come and see drama to get my cloth o. My mum arranged to send it through a family friend that was coming through Heathrow. I'd arranged to meet him at the airport. This family friend gave both of us his wrong contact number. I waited in the airport for four hours (the flight was also delayed). I spent hours searching every face that passed to see if they were looking for someone. I forgot to mention, we had never met before. He told me tell to write my mum's name on a board to help identify me easily. I did as he said and stood in a very prominent place, and I called his phone endlessly.

After four hours of waiting, searching faces, unanswered telephone calls - no joy, I left the airport without what I came for. I went home, too tired and hungry to be angry even. The next morning I got a text from this family friend apologising that he'd given me the wrong number. By that time, my annoyance had subsided. We arranged to meet that evening since the wedding was the following day. I finally got my aso ebi and I was knackered. The main reason for sending the aso ebi to Naija to be sewed was to save money. The money I saved there I ended up spending on travel to Heathrow airport and petrol money to (I can't even remember where, but it was faaaar) his house to go and collect my cloth. Mstcheewwww! And to top it off, I had no time to make any alterations to the dress myself. I just had to rock it as it was.

The famous Aso Ebi. Even my pose was like "I don tire o!". Lol.

And In Other News...

Not much else to report, I went to a ball in October - had an amazing meal. My lovely friend sponsored me to go because I was dragging my feet and was a little bit strapped for cash. Thank you Judith! xoxox. Celebrated my birthday in November. Went to another wedding in December - I made the skirt myself this time. Lol. I bought a sewing machine in 2012, started out with making alterations. I made some chair cushion covers, and have now graduated - I made a skirt from scratch. Whoop whoop! 

What I wore to the ball in October

The dinner at the ball - it was amazing, but I'm still not 100% sure it wasn't down to being so hungry before the meal. I was saving myself all day for it. Haha!

One of my besties and I at the ball. Love this chick mehn - Shout out Grace you beautiful soul! x

My birthday dinner ensamble in November

The wedding in December - I made that skirt myself! Yay me! Lol.

Well, I think that pretty much brings us up to 2014.

That was a snapshot of my 2013. Hope you enjoyed the read and the pictures. To God be the glory (always wanted to say that. Lol).

Random selfies with my boy.

Blog you again soon!

Buki. xoxox

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