Thursday, 20 March 2014

What's Popping?

Hello Beautiful People!

How goes things? Great I hope. Here's a quickish post. This is what I've been up to of late.

Domestic Bliss

I've been enjoying a bit too much of late. I've been privileged enough be able to get home early from work over the past few weeks. What this has meant is that I've been cooking up a storm most days. My son and I have been enjoying all kinds of delicacies throughout the week. Almost every day has been like Christmas. As I type (the time right now is 18:49) I'm frying plantain to have with the jollof rice, roast chicken and stew that I've just finished cooking. Too much enjoyment! Lol. Now I'm soon to resume to my normal working routine, I shudder to think. Brrrrr. Man, I think I'd make a great housewife.

I forgot to take a picture before I started carving into the chicken. Lol.

Served! Jollof rice, roast chicken and plantain.

Lami's been enjoying having me at home early. And I've enjoyed being home early too. I think I need to rethink my hours - either get to work earlier so I can leave earlier or reduce them (reducing is highly unlikely though). I've been on top of all my housework -all the laundry gets done! By Sunday night, there's nothing in the laundry baskets. To me, this is bliss! Nothing worse than wanting to wear something and it's in the wash. I'm sure many can relate.

What's on Telly? 

I love a good costume drama I do. And recently I've been enjoying Mr Selfridge on ITV1. Based on the story of the owner of the self-named store Selfridges, I'm totally caught up on the story lines. Every week is better than the last. We're currently on the second series (season 2 for my American readers), and I am praying they will have a third series. Please God. The show is just too good. Here's the trailer for the currently airing series for you to enjoy.

The drama...

I have also been enjoying The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2. This show is so much fun. And it's really inspiring for the budding seamstress. I have a bag load of ideas - things I want to make from scratch, modify, and even completely redesign. The wheels in my head are churning away.

Ooooo! The intensity!

Almost forgot to mention the amazing Chinelo Bally. This young lady is one of the least experienced of the group of contestants. Despite this, she's impressed the judges every week. She has blown me away, every week! She's naturally gifted with sewing. And her pleasant nature doesn't hurt at all either. I'm rooting for her. Go Chinelo!

Song of The Moment!

I soooo love this song by Pharrell Williams. It makes me "Happy". My official song for summer 2014. My son and I get jiggy whenever it's playing. In fact the time right now is 21:26 and I'm playing it in the background. Guess what little man is doing? Clapping and dancing along next to me. (Ummm, he's supposed to be in bed though?!?!) Lol. We love it. Thanks Pharrell!

Because I'm happeee-eee-eee-eee!

So that's what I've been up to of late. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.
I'll be back! Lol.

Buki. xox