Monday, 30 June 2014

A New Direction

Hello Folks,
How goes things with you all? I hope it's all good!
Just thought I'd breeze through and put up a quick post. I'm thinking of doing more things like outfit posts, hair and beauty products, food, and even decor/house and home products and improvements. I will still post my thoughts and such as and when I feel the need to, but would like to include more variety. I hope you enjoy the new direction I've decided to take, and that you'll continue the journey with me.
That said, I attended a ladies networking event on Saturday in support of a friend who is a makeup artist. There was a lot to see (and buy) in a small space. The event could have done with a much bigger venue to be honest. It was packed full of very creative women who make their own products. From natural hair products, soya wax candles, to African print soft furnishings. I took a lot of leaflets and business cards, and will hopefully explore each exhibitor at some point. This is what I wore.

I got my nails done while I was there too! Unfortunately I forgot to take a note of the name of this colour, but it's by a brand called Essie. This colour is called Eternal Optimist by Essie. Although Essie has great colours, I find they don't last without a good top coat. My favourite top coat has to be by Barry M. Barry M varnishes last five days easily!

What did you get up this weekend? Whatever it was, hope you enjoyed yourselves!
Until the next post, stay blessed. Have a great week ahead.

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