Thursday, 27 August 2015


What can I say? I've been an awful blogger for the longest time...

How is everybody??

So much has been going on. I've missed so much in Blogsville it's ridiculous. I'm sorry for being just as a bad reader as I've been a blogger.

Well, as I've been away for so long (so much for fourteen posts this year. LOL! Smh.), I thought it'd be a good thing to start with a juicy post.

Online Dating...

I have been online dating on and off now for over two years. The first place I graced was E-Harmony. It was awful and very off putting. You take forever to complete your profile because they want your whole life history, then they send you matches. And then you and your matches just stare at each other. Not a single fella messaged me. Smh. So I gave it a couple months then deactivated my account.

Then I moved on to Plenty of Fish. Where I made some new friends (dates that didn't work out, but a couple of dudes were actually really cool, so we stayed friends). But Plenty of Fish provided the most entertaining dates. I will endeavour to make an anecdotal post on some of my dating stories and favourite quotes (already laughing out loud at you reading and laughing out loud. Lol!). 

As I got no real love from Plenty of Fish, I moved on to Christian Connections. Probably the worst of the lot. One thing I will say about Plenty of Fish is, maaan! your confidence level goes through the roof! Come and see messages, galore (hehehe). Well, Christian Connections brought you crashing back to earth. Trust me! "Godly" men that wanted nothing less than Jesus in a skirt. The men on there will make you re-evaluate your faith and your status in life. Chai!! I don't recommend at all! Loool!

I had lots of breaks from the whole scene, but always went back. Then I discovered Tinder! Oh my goodness. If Christian Connections brought you crashing back to earth, Tinder raised your hopes a bit, then tossed you against the wall!! I really liked the concept though, because only if you mutually liked someone could you communicate with them. And me being a lady, would wait for the guy to send the first message. Well, waiting on there was like watching paint dry. And there was that one time that I decided to take the bull by the horns and send the first message. Guess what happened? The guy blocked me (***bows head and covers face in shame***). So I decided, NEVER AGAIN!! 

So I continued to just "face me, I face you" on Tinder for a while. Then I heard about Christian Mingle. I thought I'd give it a go. Well, it was marginally better than Christian Connections. But only marginally. The guys on there wanted nothing but perfection in a woman, both inside and out. And (not trying to be rude), but I doubted they were able to offer all they wanted themselves. Mstchew.

Then a friend told me to try OkCupid. Although it's not ideal, because anyone, anywhere in the world can message you, I have to say it's probably the best site I've been on. I've been on a few dates from OkCupid with "normal", "regular" guys. And even those that didn't progress to the first date stage, still provided great conversation.

One thing I have learned from online dating though, is that there are a lot of lonely men (can't speak for women) out there. Men who have no real interest in meeting face to face, but just want someone to talk to. After a while, I had to set a limit - if the guy didn't ask for my number within a week, and take the conversation offline, then , I had to cut ties. 

I feel as if I've been on fifty first dates! Seriously. Lol. I have to say though, it has been fun. I've learned a lot about myself. But what started off with me always trying to put my best foot forward, ended with me toning things down a lot and listening twice as much as I spoke (valuable lessons!). I even have a standard first date uniform. This was necessary because I got fed up of taking so long to decide what I was going to wear, only to walk in on my date and realise within fifteen minutes (or less) that "this" was going no where.

My Standard First Date Uniform

But if you or someone you know wants to give online dating a go, any one of these site is a good place to start (except E-Harmony! That entry exam is no joke! LOL!). So please don't be too discouraged. I've heard of people really finding love online. A consultant I went to see about an ongoing health issue even told me she met her husband on-line. So I guess it's possible. But I'm getting to the point of permanently shelfing it. Everything isn't for everyone. However, there's that little voice in my head that keeps saying "try again", that makes me want to try just "one more time". Lol.

Watch this space people. Watch this place.

Blog you again (soon, I hope)!


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  1. I have never tried online dating, but was just thinking about it a few minutes before I stumbled on this page. I just broke up with someone, and I am lie maybe I should try this online thing...But I no sey, I no get liver. I am too paranoid for it. Keep the stories coming. Would love to hear more about your experience.

    1. Sorry to hear about your break-up. Yes, I definitely recommend online dating. But you're right, you do have to have the stomach for it.
      I will try to keep the dating stories coming.

  2. Yaaay, Buki, na wa o. You and your disappearing acts, lol.

    Anyone who tries online dating is really brave. I am hopeful that someone good will come your way soon, and the wait will indeed be worth it.

    We are waiting for the individual date stories o.

    How Constant Power Supply will drive us to tears

    1. Lol! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. For my inconsistency, I am so sorry.
      The first time I signed up to an online dating sight was very nerve wracking I have to say. But I've since grown confidence. Lol.
      The stories are coming o.

  3. Welcome back. You have really been busy living life. I always wondered about online dating . Kudos to you for taking that step. Waiting to read about all your experiences

    1. Thank you!
      The stories are coming soon...

  4. Awww hun
    I pray you find love soon
    All the best

  5. Lmaoo@Plenty of Fish. That name is cracking me up. Good to know you're having fun and dating. Death to Couch-potatoism!
    You are one gorgeous looking mama though. How's the big man?

    1. Looool! Yes o, the name made me raise an eyebrow at first too.
      Thank you so much! Big man is doing great. He's taller than me now.