Saturday, 17 October 2015

Dreaming of Travelling

Hello guys! How are you? Great I hope!

I'm at work today (it's Saturday!). I'm here at work and all I can think about is going to Paris. I would seriously like to travel more. Much, much more than I do. I actually thoroughly enjoy all the "stress" that comes with it. The packing. The not sleeping the night before because "I'll catch up on my sleep on the plane." The arrival at the airport. The checking in. The boarding the plane - where I always place my hand on the door frame and say a quick "blood of Jesus on this plane", before I step inside. Lol! The finding my seat (hopefully window seat - it's the best!). Sitting down and looking at the airport one last time before they make you pull the shades down. Why do they do that? Then the take off! Ahhhhh. Looking through the window and seeing London (or wherever I'm travelling from) get smaller and smaller. Then another quick prayer. Then I relax and enjoy the flight. Bliss.

I know it's a bit weird. Lol. I don't actually know anyone (apart from my son) that enjoys the whole airport/plane/airport experience like I do. Anyone out there? Holla! Lol. Honestly, I used to be terrified of flying. Hmmmm, maybe not terrified (that's a bit of an exaggeration), but I used to be scared. Then one day I had to travel alone with my son. And I refuse to pass on fears on to him (including fear of creepy crawlies - having a child cured this fears quick!). The first time we travelled alone together he was 7. I was terrified that time, but I had to calm my nerves. I didn't want him to "catch the fear". He enjoyed his flight. He enjoyed looking out of the window and he was amazed by the diminishing earth. Then I thought "hmmm, I'm going to try and enjoy this too". And that was that. Two lovers of flying were born that day. As long as we are covered by the blood of Jesus, we can fly in peace.

So here I am at work on a Saturday and I'm planning a solo trip to Paris. Think I want to go for a week. I also need to learn French on a very serious note. Been meaning to for years. Since secondary school in fact. And I will! I must and I will one day!
Enjoy your weekend!

Blog you again soon.

Buki. xox