Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Where my single people at?! Well, Happy singles Awareness Day! (And while I'm at it, Happy New Years everyone **covers face**).

How has your year started out? Mine has started alright actually. Took some time out to gather my thoughts. I'm back again. Hehe.

So another Valentine's Day is upon us. What does it signify to you? A single friend at church quickly shut another friend down when she wished her "Happy Valentine's Day", protesting that it's a Pagan holiday! Lol! Another jumped in saying, well everything we celebrate is Pagan. Even our so called wedding ceremonies, and the exchanging of rings etc. Has Pagan written all over it. I chirped in, well then, God forgive me, but I am wearing my white wedding dress and will be rocking my ring when the time comes! That is all! Hahahaha!

At work a few of my married colleagues stated they don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I asked why, they replied, men only put in all that work at the beginning. Boring!

Well, for the single person, Valentine's Day serves as one thing and one thing only - to remind us single people that we are in fact single. So I've renamed it Singles Awareness Day. Lol.

Being single isn't a bad thing though. I get my whole bed to myself. I even sleep diagonally. I don't have to discuss my every move or ask for permission to change my gas and electricity supplier. Hehehe. Currently loving it!

By the by, the guy that went ghost made contact after 3 months. He actually started the conversation as if we just spoke yesterday. I had to shut him down. He gave some flimsy excuses. I politely told him to lose my number. What a joker! Lol.

Anyway, 2016 is proving to be so far so good. I'm trying to say yes as much as possible. You know, give new things a try,  being spontaneous. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Do enjoy your Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day. Whichever. If you're single, do something nice for yourself! You're so worth it!

Until next time! Enjoy!