Thursday, 19 May 2016

New Shoes

New work shoes. Ok, so I've needed proper work shoes for absolutely ages! Been wearing ankle boots or flats to work for the longest time. So I popped into TK Maxx on Tuesday and found these. But they only had 1 pair and they were size 6 (I needed size 6.5 or 40). I tried them on and they pinched ever so slightly. So I decided to leave them and sleep on it. Thought I would ask God (and my wallet) first. I thought if they were still there the next day that would be a sign from above and I would get them and done. The next day I went back and they weren't where I'd strategically hidden them. Lol! I looked around for them but couldn't find them. Disappointed I made for the door. But before I got to the end of the isle I just happened to turn and look up. There they were! They'd been moved! I reached for them and you'd never guess what!? They were size 6.5! It felt like everything was aligned! #Eurika! Lol!

What made me laugh was the week before, my son told me he needed new socks. The following day I planned to run out during my lunch break to get him new socks. That afternoon it was pouring with rain, but mama bear had to put on her big girl pants and go get those socks! I know socks aren't really an optional thing, they're a necessity. But it could have been anything. My son expressed a need, and my focus was to fulfil that at all cost!

However, when it came to a genuine (neglected) need of my own, the story is so different. I needed to speak to God about it. Make sure He was alright with it. I needed to sleep on it. I gave someone else the chance to get it. And only after all of the above had been executed, IF they were still there, then it's all systems go! Haha! Isn't that just the  funniest thing?

I said all of that to say your girl has matured somewhat. There was a time when I was driven by my desires. If I saw it, I wanted it, I'd buy it without a second thought. And there's also the finance part of things too, but this wasn't so much to do with the money but the need for the go-ahead from above. And that's what I'm proud of the most.

Just some of my random thoughts I wanted to share. This post started out as a simple Instagram post, but then I realised I had so much more to say. Lol.

Hope the weather is consistent wherever you are. We're praying for the British weather to make up it's mind. And they wonder why we Brits have trust issues. Hahaha!

Enjoy the rest of you week people!


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  1. Great story! I love how you pray about even the smallest things.

  2. Great story! I love how you pray about even the smallest things.