Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

I must say, I've been gone for a lot longer than I expected. But I've been busy with life! Hope everyone is doing just swell!

So it's Christmas. I've just got home from my parents after cooking and cleaning with my sisters. Our beloved mummy is in Nigeria and we're trying to recreate a semblance of the magic she usually creates around this time of the year. We were all supposed to be spending Christmas in Nigeria this year, but unfortunately things didn't quite work out. Mum traveled first with my youngest brother, anticipating our arrival shortly thereafter. But our dear friends at the Nigerian Embassy required more documents than I currently hold to sort out my passport with them. One thing led to another, then the rest of the family ended up staying in London. Ahhh well. Next time I guess.

So, my sisters and I (with a little help from daddy - he made a few guest appearances then ran away with the excuse that he's just in the way) quickly pulled together to try and sort a little something out. I'm telling you I was so disappointed I only just put the tree up on Friday (23rd December). I digress. So I've just got home exhausted from all the cleaning, cooking and more cleaning in preparation for the big day. I'm laying in bed and was just reminiscing of Christmas when we were kids.

I remembered the very day my sisters and I came to the realisation that Santa Claus was a lie. We were playing on the living room floor and we started talking about what we wanted for Christmas. Then we thought "hey, we've never gotten exactly what we want for Christmas.". Then we started wondering why that was. We had one of those old fashioned gas fires in the living room. And we all turned and looked at it. The aha moment! Santa can't come in through there!!! That's why we never got what we really wanted. He couldn't get in. One of my sisters had a look under the gas heater, hoping there was a big enough hole. Then she looked at the remaining two of us with a face full of disappointment - "He can't fit through that hole".  That's the moment we grew up. LOL!

For my son it was very different. Christmas has always been a day we celebrate Jesus' birthday. When it came to time to have the "Santa conversation", it was simple. "I think a very kind man once existed in a snowy town and he used to make gifts and gave them to all the children in that town. So people who don't believe in Jesus kind of celebrate that". Lol! I think the story goes a little something like that. *shrugs shoulders*

I had a conversation with him a few weeks ago asking him how he felt about never believing in Santa. He said he appreciated not being lied to about something so major. Lol!

So how did your Santa or Father Christmas bubble break? Do tell!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas everyone! Enjoy your loved ones and remember those less fortunate than you. Do what you can to help where possible. And remember the real reason for the season is Christ.

Merry Christmas and God bless!



  1. Everthing happens for the best so i guess its okay .. these occasion are so empty without mom so im sure you missed her alot .. and this decorated chrismis tree is beautiful ..

    1. Thank you so much for passing by and commenting!